Why Evolution Is True

Today’s strip (particularly the last panel) is the most incendiary yet in this week’s Doonesbury, which deals with a woman trying to get an abortion under the Texas ultrasound-exam-before-abortion law.

In the Wall Street Journal, artist Garry Trudeau discusses the continuing controversies that swirl around the strip, and this one in particular:

What’s your aim in satirizing the subject of abortion policy?

I usually weasel out of that question, because if my intention isn’t clear from the strip, I’ve failed. It’s never the readers’ fault if they’re confused. The strips this week are a pretty straightforward commentary on mandatory sonograms, a subject that’s been in the news since the debate in Virginia. We anticipated that we might run into a community standards issue with one or two clients, but nothing like the 47 papers that we know about. I don’t want to sound disingenuous here — controversy is obviously…

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